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Getting Connected to the Village of Faith is as easy as…1, 2, 3

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Getting connected to the life of Village of Faith is easier than you think. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we work hard to make sure that you can connect and grow in your faith in ways that fit your lifestyle, interests and schedule.

  1. Attend a New Member’s Reception
    This is a “mixer” atmosphere where you can meet and talk with the Pastors and staff. Stop by the Newcomers Center for more detailed information.
  2. Attend our VOFM New Members Class
    If you want to get connected to the life of VOFM, this is the class to take! In this class, you’ll learn all about the mission and core values of VOFM. You’ll also discover how your spiritual gifts and abilities can best fit into your life schedule. Whether you just want to understand the heart and soul of VOFM or if you want to become a member, this class is for you. Becoming a member of the VOFM is a great way to seal your commitment to helping us to fulfill our vision. Attendance at this class is mandatory to become a member.
  3. Join a Life Group
    Life groups are the place where you can get connected to other people in similar life situations or with similar interests. You will serve, learn, grow and share with the people in your life group. No matter what is going on in your life right now, there is a life group for you!

Life Groups

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is a group of people that get together on a regular basis to serve, learn and have fun and most importantly, to help each other live the life God intended. Life Groups are smaller expressions of the Village.

Why should I join a Life Group?
God never intended for us to live life alone. Life Groups are the best way to get to know people at the Village of Faith and find your niche in our mission to Reach, Refresh, and Restore.

How do I join a Life Group?
You can contact the leader for more information, or if no registration is required, just show up at the time and place mentioned.

Who can join a Life Group?
Absolutely anyone!

Do I have to take any classes before I can join a Life Group?
None at all! You could jump right in to almost any group.

Can I join any Life Group if I’m not a member of the Village of Faith?
Non-Members are able to participate in any Life Group except those listed in the Service section of our Life Group Manual.

Do I have to join a Life Group to be part of the Village of Faith?
No, but it is the best way to experience what the Village is all about, and the Christian walk is much easier when you’re surrounded by friends to support, encourage and challenge you.

Can I join more than one Life Group?
Yes, but we believe you will have the best experience if you are committed to one or two.

Can I switch to a different Life Group?
Yes, each Life Group will have an easy entry point 2 times each year.

How long does a Life Group last?
Each Life Group is different. Some last only 6 weeks, some run for an entire semester and some run continuously. You can choose a group that fits your schedule.

Is every Life Group a Bible Study?
No, there are all kinds of groups: Bible studies, outreach teams, special interest groups, sports teams…just about anything you may be interested in!

Can we start a Life Group?
Sure! You have to have a committed core of people who are interested in starting one. You will then meet with our Life Group Coordinator and they will walk you through the process.

Service Times

Sunday Celebration

East Campus
 9:00 AM
 111 Stuttaford Drive
 Sandston, VA 23150
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South Campus
 11:00 AM
 11000 Hull Street Road
 Midlothian, VA 23112
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Midweek Worship

South Campus
 Every Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

East Campus
 Every Wednesday @ 7:30 PM

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